Do you sell lots to the public?+

How much do the public lots cost?+

Where are your communities located?+

Which builders build in your communities?+

The lot I want is on hold, can I challenge it?+

What are the terms if I purchase a public lot, directly from Beaverbrook?+

How do I get my landscape deposit back?+

How do I purchase a lot from Beaverbrook?+

Where can I find the architectural guidelines for my community?+

What style of fence can I build?+

What are the landscaping requirements?+

Does every community have a Homeowners’ Association?+

I want to be put on the list for all Beaverbrook community updates, how can I do this? +

I am trying to locate your showhomes- how do I find them?+

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InHouse: A Beaverbrook Infill Initiative

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We currently have public lots for sale in a variety of areas at several price points. Buy a lot from Beaverbrook and select your own builder.

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